Sleepad (2018)

IoT device managing app

The Challenges

Clear Logic, But Emotional for Users

What is Sleepad

They are so many wearables-sleep-monitoring devices in the market help people to understand "what has happened" their body.

However, based on our survey, these products was only provided raw data to the users and focused on the share users data to SNS (Facebook/WeChat, etc.)

Sleepad is a comfortable IoT Device for sleeping analyzing and motioning and privacy matters. I was creating an App for analysing and syncing between user and device.


Hardware simple (by WT Wong)

Hardware simple (by WT Wong)

App connecting device and user, the challenges are:

  • Easy setup and managing raw data form device;
  • Using emotional to creating a comfortable experience;
  • All for better sleeping: night view/natural alarm, etc.

My Role

Mobile App Interface with IoT

App connecting hardware and user

App connecting hardware and user

Interface (graphic theme)

The theme style called “Warmly Autumn”. For user’s comfortable sleeping feeling, the interface designed into warmly colour and provided an option to view the night mode.

Login, setup, index and data report interfaces (light)

Login, setup, index and data report interfaces (light)

Alarm and index (night)

Alarm and index (night)


Creating Emotional Interface

Emotional graphics (mascot)

Emotions in mascot

Emotions in mascot

We were creating a sheep mascot in Sleepad for emotional design.

When the user opening the Sleepad app, this sheep mascot can guide and help them read sleeping data and make recommendations, for example:

Analysing sleep status and generating a report/making recommendations can help sleeping next night, or managing raw data from device.

motional design and raw data/data visualization compares

Emotional design and raw data/data visualization compares

The Final

Elegant Interface for Sleep

Credits and Refs
(UX, Marketing) Chi-Yun Tsou, Tsuan-Chung Chen,
(Mascot, Hardware, UX) Ho Yuen Tung, Karmil Tam, Wai Tung Wong,
(UX) Wu Yukun
Team Members
Chi-Yun Tsou - Sleepad (zh-tw)