Boldstorming (2019)

Cross mediums personal identity

The Challenges

Muilt-Sizes Devices and Print

Product logic in Boldstorming

Product logic in Boldstorming

I need an elegant resume for seeking jobs, and a cross-device portfolio recodes/shows my design works anytime, anywhere.

To make this identity bold and bright, the challenges are:

  • Easy to reading, seeking work and/or academic opportunities;
  • Responsive web design with modern front-end technologies;
  • Unifying graphics design crossing screen display and print.

My Role

Identity System

Cross-platform identity

Based on these challenges, I created a cross-platform identity for unified graphics and better readability.

Fonts, colours and typesetting styles

Fonts, colours and typesetting styles

Grid and interaction styles

Grid and interaction styles


Prepress and RWD Grids

Prepress colours "grey noise problem"

When printer printing 4-colours CMYK value, the K (grey) can not fill into whole print parts. So I need adding a little C (cyan/blue) value to print more smooth grey/black colour.

RWD site with bootstrap grid system

Rather than producing dozens of designs for every screen size, I created a prototype in Adobe Xd, and I wanted responsiveness to work: using Bootstrap's grid system and customise default 12-cols grid to 3-cols to fit print grid system.

sass can make css easy to read and set up some nesting structure/importing some variate for styles, just like normal programming languages.

The Final

Boom. This Site

Credits and Refs
Speed - Material Design
Grid System - Bootstrap
Alignment - Thinking with Type