Bamboo Shelter (2018)

An interactive installation based on censorship & privacy

The Challenges

Discuss for Global Issue

"Bamboo curtain"

The Bamboo Curtain was the Cold War political boundary between the Communist states of East Asia. (Source Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0)

About this project

Bamboo Shelter is an interactive installation based on internet and information censorship, and giant-size internet companies invading user privacy.

The installation set in the final examination week. Any people can get inside to search for information, or just “freestyle” play with our installation.

Interaction compose

Interaction compose

Censorship & privacy-violating is a global issue. We hope to:

- Make people realize privacy matters;
- Show how censorship violating freedom;
- Never preaching.

My Role

Front/Backend Develop
with Mechanics


Interaction flow

Interaction flow

Tech develop

When a player walking into our wood-house space, players can use the desktop to reach the internet and search for information. I was building a spying-system; It becoming 2-parts:

Webcam spying: from zoneminder to webrtc, realtime sharing player's face and reactions to the web.

Browser spying and censoring: using iptables in Linux server via router censoring websites and redirect to our intro-page; Browser plug-in time to upload screenshots to the server and realtime share to the web.

Intro-page work with webcam and browser spying

Intro-page work with webcam and browser spying

Woodhouse inside

Woodhouse inside

The wood house

We built a wood house for the Bamboo Shelter to create a closed space, webcam, router and computer becomes the interactive part. At outside, we using a screen to show the player’s movement to spectators.

The real wood house and monitor for spectators

The real wood house and monitor for spectators

Woodhouse outside

Woodhouse outside


"The Negative Experience"

When every players know someone is surveilling, they may feel annoyed/depression/shock.

However, after these feelings, the player understands it is just an interactive installation. But in this world, many people suffer from censorship and privacy-violating every day: the player can have deep empathy for these injustices.

Now, the negative experience were changed to positive.

The Final

Beyond The Bamboo Curtain

Credits and Refs
(Graphic) Chi-Yun Tsou
Team Member
Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
Corporate censorship - Wikipedia